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There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]

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Artist: Ilya
Song: Falcondale
Album: Fathoms Deep
Plays: 82

I have wings to soar to fly, a bird I long to be
Now the earth is cracked and dry, the air will carry me
And if I wear my feathered crown, no human I will try
No falling I will spread my wings and fly.

And what will swim inside my blood like Mississippi brine
And where my footprints drag thru mud, my only earthly sign
And now I hear from rocky cliff the pure white seabirds cry
And like them I will spread my wings and fly.

Above a black and roaring sea, so effortless I glide
And if the winter come to me, in feathered nest I hide
Into a day of turquoise-gold, I blaze into the sky
In rolling air I spread my wings and fly.

And all the humans far below, how stale and tired they seem
Earthbound they can never know the glory I have seen
And find no mercy in my face, no gentle loving sigh
For bird-like I will spread my wings and fly, and fly and fly.


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old photos

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By Salar Kheradpejouh  

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Here’s a first look at the show I worked on at Cartoon Network!

This looks absolutely amazing. Took my breath away a little.

Now this looks like a mighty fine cartoon.

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NYCC 2014 Batman Commissions by Sean Gordon Murphy / Website

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Now THIS is art.

Have I reblogged this before. I don’t care, How absolutely amazing this is. 

Perfection in its finest form.

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SPOCK: Can you give me warp 8?
SCOTT: Aye, sir. And maybe a wee bit more.
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Artworks of “Socks” animated tv series project by Jeremie Perin (Fantasy, Truckers Delight) from his instagram account.


Wow!!! Blown away.

So good!

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映画『ハーフ』予告編 Hafu: the mixed-race experience in Japan [Official Trailer]

Has anyone seen this? I haven’t but i’d really like to. I really feel like people need to recognize the fact that Japan isn’t this exclusively closed off country, that conforms to the West’s delusional beliefs that we are “conservative”, “quiet”, and “meek”.

This high lights the lives of many different people: an Australian / Japanese, Venezuelan / Japanese, Korean / Japanese (important to me). Mexican / Japanese, and a Ghanian / Japanese person.

I really hope that this film was well made and has a good message. At any rate, it’s extremely important to convey to people - both our own people and to foreigners under terrible misconceptions - that Japan is an ever changing nation.

How often I hear “How are you Japanese and Korean? DON’T THEY HATE EACH OTHER?!?!?!!?!” really reminds me how incredibly uninformed others are about our country, our culture and our people.

Again, I haven’t watched this yet. But it looks good.

What do you guys think.

*slow claps*


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Zoom slojnotak:

Parmigianino - Cupid Making His Arch (c.1533–35)


Parmigianino - Cupid Making His Arch (c.1533–35)

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Alla Osipenko with John Markovsky, ca. 1970s

Alla Osipenko with John Markovsky, ca. 1970s

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For all my beautiful followers and everyone else going through a hard time. I’m here for you and I love you.

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Benny’s spaceship moment from the Lego Movie in Japanese. This movie is so cute in Japanese!! XD Benny (CV: Hiroshi Iwasaki)


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there are tears in my eyes 

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