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Ah, yeah. Nearly forgot to post the process shots for Hushpuppy and the Auroch.

This time, you can see the layering process I’m working with. Used my year-old (but never used) ArtRage program to do this, so I’m exploring the textures and tools.

Next up: Morphin 3!

Today I’ll be working to finish my next piece, based off of Alexandria and the film The Fall. (Hoping to de start/finish it all in one go, hoo!) 

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hallo! I only just joined the Maleficent fandom in general and Maleval in particular and was wondering if you could recommend any more blogs to follow??! O.O

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of course my dear!! I’ll give you some of my favorites!!

♛ neverfaltered 







if i forgot anybody please like this post so they can see you’re a maleval shipper! 


malfoyficents, you are honestly so kind to include me on a recommendation list, I can’t even—Thank you so, so much, you sweet, kind soul!! <3

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your style makes me think of kim possible :)

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Haha, first time I’ve heard that! I never actually watched the show much, but I can see the similarities now that you’ve told me. Thank you, friend! :D

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So, I don’t have a drawing for today’s maleval week prompt: Tragedy/Pain/Death/etc. (probably for the best, my heart isn’t up for that)

Instead, I’ve got a song!

I have been saving (and shedding tears over) this song for a year, trying to fit it to one of my otps, and none of them fit quite as well as Maleficent and Diaval. 

I just haven’t had the perfect opportunity to share it until now! Anywho, here it is with lyrics, and please enjoy (and cry at Pål Moddi Knutsen’s sweet voice and mournful accordion)!

Hopefully some of you can find inspiration from it as much as I do. :)

EDIT: (And lemme know what you think, I’d love to hear your reaction!)

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Artist: Moddi
Song: One Minute More
Album: Set the House on Fire
Plays: 467

“One step, you’re just one step from perfection” she held out her hand
and so life spreads from fingertips and through my veins, a beast is born within a man
and it whispers of all I’ve ever hoped for and everything that is wrong
slowly now all the words add up and somehow they crack and slip from my tongue

and as if singing a psalm I am down on my knees
I am singing for love from the top of my lungs
but the louder I cry the less I believe
that this moment we’re in will be more than just now

silently I’m replacing what she lacks with the things that I love
and though I know I might be torn all around the edges behind her perfect shell’s a rotting soul
so incomplete but wholer still if I am able to just let her go

and if this is the end then at least it was worth it
‘cause I swear it was love or something just so
and I know love will come to the one who deserves it
I’ll try closing my eyes and give it one minute more

but I’m not of your kind
someone as stupid as me should be easy to find
so I will treat you like statistics until it drains this love from me

this is no psalm, it can’t take me deeper
what’s only just passed seems so long ago
and the harder I try the less I believe you
when you’re standing here now asking for one minute more

-Pål Moddi Knutsen//2013

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Zoom It&#8217;s Maleval Week!~
Day 1// Cuddling

It’s Maleval Week!~

Day 1// Cuddling

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Zoom kaiakira:

Kai Akira // Hushpuppy and the Auroch, 2014
First piece: Beasts of the Southern Wild

&#8230;And here&#8217;s number 1 out of a 6-7 (God-willing) piece series!


Kai Akira // Hushpuppy and the Auroch, 2014

First piece: Beasts of the Southern Wild

…And here’s number 1 out of a 6-7 (God-willing) piece series!

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The Small Girl in Film


As I previously mentioned, I have an art show coming up this next month that one of my friends so graciously invited me to participate in.

So these past few weeks, I’ve been really grappling with decisions on what exactly the meaning and theme behind the work for this show should be. My…

So this here’s the premise of sorts for my next body of work! I really did come up with it last night (right after finishing the first illustration), but I’m feeling pretty good about it!

Illustrations and process-shots to come soon~

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Hey, sorry to bother you with this. One of the pieces you posted in the Maleval tag got reposted here without any sort of link to the original post. I tried to ask the poster to take it down and reblog the original, but all she did was add to the post to say the credit was on the photo, in terms of your signature I think. I wasn’t sure what your personal stance on it was, but I didn’t know if you were tracking the tag so I thought I’d make you aware of it. I hate seeing artwork reposted and I’ve heard this person has done it before, so I thought I’d call your attention to it. Have a good one.

Thank you so much for letting me know neverfaltered! I’m a bit embarrassed to have missed the whole rumpus, but I looked back through the tag and saw what was up…

You and the others in the maleval fandom are truly good people, and it warms my heart to know that people really care about maintaining the respect and integrity of an artist’s work! I do recall this user posting other’s work, and it just gives me hope that the majority of our fandom are willing to stand up against that sort of thing (Go us!).

Really, well done and thank you so much. 

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'Lo Again!

Ah, it has been a long couple of weeks. Turns out the show was pushed forward to a later date (mid-August now), but I chose this time to really focus on my theme and work out what I was going to do (because planning is ALWAYS the hardest part). 

Anyway, after several failed sketches that will never see the light of day , I literally came up with my theme yesterday (YAY).

So yep, ‘m back (sort of) but I’m still working on illustrations for my art show. You’ll be seeing some of that soon enough! (I’ll be reblogging it from my rarely-used “serious” artist blog, ahem)

Thanks so much to those of you who wished me luck, (cyprithichijoukenichirostephmcquizzle, and of course that lovely anon) cause I’ll continue to use it, haha!

And to the 100+ followers (geez) who have come during my absence, WELCOME AND I LOVE YOU!!~

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Hey lovelies!

As much as I absolutely love to post comics and drawings up here all day every day, I’ll be taking the next two weeks off of tumblr to prepare for an upcoming art show at the beginning of August! *little excitement dance*

I’ve got to rush like mad to do some original work (maybe digital, but more than likely oil/acrylic paint), because the work’s getting moved on the 15th Oh Lord have mercy on me that is so very soon.

Anyway, don’t expect too much from me until then (unless it’s inspiration reblogs), and WISH ME LUCK AUGHHH

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The Lost Sketchbook of Guillermo del Toro:

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro put all his ideas for `Pan’s Labyrinth’ in a notebook — then lost it.

The heavyset man ran down the London street, panting, chasing the taxi. When it didn’t stop, he hopped into another cab. “Follow that cab!” he yelled. Guillermo del Toro wasn’t directing this movie. He was living it. And it was turning into a horror tale.

The Mexican filmmaker keeps all of his ideas in leather notebooks. And Del Toro had just left four years of work in the back seat of a British cab. Unlike in the movies, though, Del Toro couldn’t catch the taxi. Visits to the police and the taxi company proved equally fruitless.

Del Toro’s films — “Chronos,” “The Devil’s Backbone,” “Blade II,” “Hellboy” — typically feature magical realism. Fate was about to return the storytelling favor.

The cabbie spotted the misplaced journal. Working from a scrap of stationery that didn’t even have the name of Del Toro’s hotel (just its logo), the driver returned the book two days later. An overwhelmed Del Toro promptly gave him an approximately $900 tip.

The sketches and the ideas in that misplaced journal — four years of notes on character design, ruminations about plot — were the foundation of “Pan’s Labyrinth,” a child’s fantasy set in the wake of the Spanish Civil War.

The director, who at the time wasn’t even sure he’d actually make “Pan’s Labyrinth,” took the cabbie’s act as a sign, and plunged himself into the movie.

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Ohoh, well my dear you only have your amazing self to thank for it’s existence, bahaha. BUT SERIOUSLY, IT’S A MIRACLE I HAVEN’T SUCCUMBED TO DRAWING EVERY SINGLE MALEVAL IDEA YOU’VE POSTED <3




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